Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson, the man who sadly died amid violence at the G20 protests in London, was assaulted by an officer of the Metropolitan Police.  The video above, sent to and released by the Guardian Newspaper, clealry shows Mr Tomlinson with his hands in his pockets and walking away from the police being pushed quite forecfully by an officer.  This attack appears to be totally unjustifiable and unprovoked.

20 minutes later Mr Tomlinson collapsed and died of a Heart Attack.  It is if course possible, that the assault did not cause Mr Tomlinson’s Heart Attack, but the possibility that it did must be investiaged.  Even if the assault did not result in the heart attack a criminal investigation should be launched into the assault on Mr Tomlinson and if it is as it appears on the video above then criminal proceedings should be brought against the officer involved.

The Police were under a lot of stress that day and were vastly outnumbered by the number of protestors.  However, the Metropolitan Police keep on making mistakes in which a person dies either there and then or a short time later.  Will we see yet another police cover-up involving the one and only Metropolitan Police?

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