4 thoughts on “Podcast – Episode 3

  1. I agree what you’re saying, but I feel that schools are not the best place for SRE. Hardly anyone takes it seriously, especially the ‘know it all’ teenagers, because there may be peer pressue from their classmates. Kids nowadays…

  2. that’s why you start younger. By the time it gets to the really important stuff the immaturity surroundin SRE (in theory) will have gone. In holland SRE starts as young as 6 and the immaturity we shout and scream about is encouraged.

  3. Yea, but I bet there’ll be hundreds of parents who will not approve that. I just think that schools are not the best place for SRE, although it’s convenient I suppose.

  4. When SRE is not being taught by parents it needs to become the problem of the state.

    Parents will complain, but that’s because we are so backward in this country in many respects, but really only the children of today and their children will pay the price.

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