Podcast – Experiment (continued)

As part part of my podcast experiment I’ve done another, much longer podcast.  This time on another topic which I’m very passionate about:  Sex and Relationship Education

The second podcast can be found here

Again, comments and suggestions welcome.

2 thoughts on “Podcast – Experiment (continued)

  1. Good stuff, Oliver. I’ve listened to the first podcast and am currently listing to your second. So far, I’ve very impressed. I particularly liked your insightful ramblings. You did a good job of keeping the ‘ramblings’ structured and it seemed to flow very well, particularly considering they are your first couple of attempts. You’ve got a voice which also lends itself to being recorded and is very easy to listen to (unlike Charon QC). Overall, a great start.

    I consume a lot of podcasts each week and have done so for several years now. My iPod is always loaded down with them (and listen to most of the TWiT podcasts religiously). There are also quite a few random tech ones I often listen to (Diggnation, CrankyGeeks etc.) I’ve dipped in and out of Charon QCs podcasts but the poor sound quality constantly puts me off. There are some kind good law-based podcasts out there too with ‘Outlaw radio’ being a particularly good example.

    For what it’s worth, I was ‘spearheading’ a podcast project with some buddies from my course a year or so ago. We were going to do it together via skype and then release it on the net. It was kind of similar to the idea of ‘This Week in Law’ from the TWiT network just that we were students and would give our unique takes on topics and I thought up (what I believed at the time was the great name of ‘Litigation Friends’) for the show. We even had a dummy run and things were looking good but… well – revision time came, we all got busier and the project ran out of steam. Shame really. I keep meaning to start something like that up again but it’s one of those things that keeps getting stuck on the back burner. Well done for getting your podcast out there in the blawgosphere.

  2. Thanks for your positive comments. I’m still not too sure whether it will continue as a more regular feature, but I have enjoyed producing the first two. If it does become regular they will become more “polished”. At the moment, I’m just sort of “rambling” live without having thought much about what I’m going to say in advance (which is something I’d most likely change if it was to become a regular thing). I have set my podcasts up through iTunes. You can subscribe through iTunes in the normal way with the URL

    I’m listening to some of the podcasts on ‘Outlaw radio’ and I’m quite liking them. I might make it something I listen to on a regular basis.

    I hope you can get your podcasts off the ground.

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