Snow accident

I’m clumsy, but this takes this biscuit…

I was walking to work on Saturday morning and slipped on the ice. It was sore and I struggled into work and completed my shift. I then worked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well and finally gave up on Wednesday when I woke up and couldn’t put any weight on my right leg at all. So, off to the doctor I went and was told that I’ve most likely torn my medial meniscus cartilage. As if that wasn’t bad enough the doctor said that because I kept walking on it for four days I’ve probably made any tear bigger and that I might need to have surgery. So, at the moment I’m signed off work for 2 weeks, laid up at my mum and dad’s house getting weighted on hand and foot and being bored out of my nuts.

No doubt you’ll see a flurry of not very interesting blog entries appear as I try to take the edge of the boredom.

I hate the snow!

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