Viva la Exams

So it is that time of the year that every student dreads: EXAM TIME.

Today, I sat my first of two exams this diet in the fine art of Contract Law and it was an absolute nightmare. I left the house this morning confident that I’d done all that I possibly could and that I knew more than enough to get me through it, but disaster struck when I started to write my answers to the exam…I could remember the law, but not the authority! Absolute nightmare!

So, I sat the whole exam, wrote out my required three answers and used a total of one case and two statutes. The case I used was one that had been etched into my mind when I did contract last year and the two statutes I remembered as I’d used them in other modules. I did know another couple of cases (ones which had been etched into my mind from day one as a law student (Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists Southern Ltd)

Alas, what is done is done and it is now pointless worrying about it. Need to look forward and focus on my Property Law exam on Tuesday!

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