Money, Money, Money

I am really beginning to worry about my financial situation.  Next year I will be working full time as well as studying part time.  However, because I am studying part time I am entitled to no financial assistance what so ever.

Each month I earn just over £800 after tax has been taken off (although I can earn an extra £90 a month by doing a Sunday – however that is dependent on the store having overtime available).  From that I need to take of rent, which is going to be in the region of £350 – £400 (once I find somewhere) and bills as well as food and travel.  On top of that I have to put £75 away each month to pay my tuition fees.

Thankfully working in a supermarket means that I get a 10% discount on my shopping each week, but that isn’t very much.

My mum and dad are able to contribute something, but not very much (about £100 a month), towards my rent and those payments are not guaranteed because of the worsening financial situation.

On the plus side I have no debt other than two years worth of student loans – no overdraft and no credit cards (some of my friends are over £1,000 into £2,000 overdradfts – how they cope I do not know)

Things are starting to look really, really grim!