I received a letter today (well it arrived much earlier, but I have only just gotten round to reading it).  It was from the Scottish General Secretary of the Labour Party, Colin Smyth.  In it he was spouting a number of reasons why today is the day that I should return to the Labour Party as a member.

I once was a member of the Labour Party.  However, in January I was so fed up with the conduct of senior Labour MPs and MSPs as well as the way in which the party was treating the country I decided to resign from the party.

Here are some quotes from the letter:

I know we have asked you to rejoin before, and I appreciate tat you may have had disagreements with the party in the past which lead to your decision to leave.  But now is the time to come back to Labour.

Yes, Mr Smyth, it is good of you to say that you appreciate this (although the labour party is so self-indulgent it doesn’t actually believe such things).  However, the reasons for my leaving the party have yet to be sorted.

I’m sure you understand how important the outcome of this choice wil be.  This is why we want as many former members of the Labour Party to come back to help shape the future – because I know that you still share our fundamental principles of social justice, fairness, equality and decency.

Yes, Mr Smyth I still hold these principles.  My reasons for leaving Labour were that the party no longer appear to hold and believe in these fundamental principles.  When you do I will return.

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  1. Given such self indulgent nonsense in your post Oliver- I suspect the Labour Party will be better off if you didn’t re-join!

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