Gary McKinnon loses Strasbourg appeal

The Glasgow born computer expert, Gary McKinnon, who hacked into US military computers has today lost his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights sitting in Strasbourg.  McKinnon had sought a delay to his extradition pending a full hearing at the Court.  He argues that the extradition breaches his Human Rights.  The court disagreed.

Mckinnon will now be extradited to the United States of America within two weeks where he could face possible charges under anti-terrorism laws and a period of imprisonment that could be greater than his entire life span.  It has transpired that McKinnon has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and his solicitor is to attempt to get the case heard in the United Kingdom.

His solicitor, Karen Todner said:

The offences for which our client’s extradition is sought were committed on British soil and we maintain that any prosecution ought to be carried out by the appropriate British authorities.

Our client now faces the prospect of prosecution and imprisonment thousands of miles away from his family in a country in which he has never set foot.

The American authorities have warned that unless Mr McKinnon co-operates and that without a gulty plea the case may be treated as one of terrorism opening him up to a very long prison sentence.

I have, in the past, made my feelings on this case abundantly clear.  They can, for those who have not already read them, be read here.