Domestic Violence…time for equal treatment of victims

An Article in The Scotsman caught my attention.  It reported the blatant disregard for male victims of domestic violence and the descrimination against male victims when compare with female victims by the SCottish Government.  We are all aware that there are many dedicated services for female victims of domestic violence.  However, in Scotland there are no dedicated services for male victims.

The MSP for Dufermlane West, who has been helping to raise awarness of this outrageous situation, was told by the Minister for Communites and Education that there was no need for such a service as it was covered by things like victim support.

Whenever we hear about domestic violence it is more often than not a female victim with a male perpetrator.  However, domestic violence happens in all sorts of relationships with all sorts of victims.  My Uncles marriage broke down because he was phsyically attacked by his wife on a near nightly basis.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said it took “a zero tolerance approach to all forms of domestic abuse” but recognised its “gender specific nature”.

One woman, Jackie Walls, is trying to set up Mens Aid, a charity who will provide specific services such as refuge and counselling for male victims of domestic violence.  She said:

They deserve the same support as women.

How right she is.