Well, I’ve been reading the BBC’s Have Your Say pages (my blood pressure must be through the roof) and I came accross the following from I love my Dog Oscar, London, United Kingdom.  They said:

How about the right to have your contribution to the NHS taken into account when prioritisatising patient care.

It is totally unjust if someone has been working and contributing to the NHS for 40 years, only to find their alzheimer’s or cancer drug is too expensive, while someone who has contributed little or nothing, for whatever reason, gets some still fairly expensive treatment, while this other person is excluded.

I think that I love my Dog Oscar has missed the point of the National Health Service which is free medical treatment at the point of delivery for ALL.  Taking their policy exactly as they have written it the following people would not be a priority:

  1. Children – they wont have contributed anything as they cannot start contributing until they get a job
  2. People with life-long debilitating illnessess/conditions that mean they cannot work and thus cannot contribute to the NHS – by life-long I’m talking about ones they were born with or developed as a child
  3. Mothers or fathers who have taken a number of years out of the working career to devote time to raising thier children (thier NI contributions will have dropped because of this and therefore, they will not be as ahigh a priority as someone who has not taken this time out)

Just an observation.

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  1. ‘Have your say’ is the biggest forum of gobshites the web has to offer.

    I cannot stand to read it anymore.

    BTW – love the new blog layout.

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