Human Rights Lawyer to become DPP

The new head of the Crown Prosecution Service (which is responsible for bringing most criminal cases in England and Wales) has been named as Mr Keir Starmer QC. Mr Starmer will take over the role of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) when the incumbent leaves office in October.

Mr Starmer has acted as a prosecuter and CPS advisor in the past, but is best known for his high profile cases against the Government in the feilds of Criminal Law and Human Rights. He acted for two terror suspects last year in the dramatic House of Lords case which saw control orders being declared as unlawful under Human Rights law.

In 2005, Mr Starmer lead a team representing over a dozen human rights organisations in a case that saw evidence extracted under torture being declared inadmissable in any British court.

The Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, said:

Keir brings with him a breadth of experience in human rights, international law, police and criminal law.

He has previously prosecuted for the Crown and advised the CPS, and has also acted against the Government on various issues.

He has a real understanding of the importance of independent prosecution and a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the law.