Welcome to my new home

Welcome to the new home of Ramblings of a Scottish Student! I hope you like the new look to the blog.

Why has the blog moved?

Well, the answer to that one is quite simple. I’ve never really liked blogspot as a host and over the last couple of weeks I have been playing about with different blog software. After having played about with various hosts I decided upon wordpress. WordPress still has some flaws, but I prefer the software to the others that I have tried.

What about the content from the old blog?

Most of the content from the old blog has moved accross. Unfortunatly it was not possible to miograte the comments accross to the new blog and as such they are missing from the posts. Also, some of the posts have not been moved accross or edited sluighly as some of the content was not going to be easy to move to the new blog.

What about the old blog?

The old blog will have all the posts deleted and will sit with just one entry informing vistors that the blog has moved to the new domain. All new posts will be posted here and here only (so update your bookmarks). All the settings on wordpress are not quite how I would like them yet, so there is still sopme work to be done. However, the work left to be done should not have an impact on your ability to view my blog.


The blogroll has been transfered accross from the old blog to the new one and appears on the right hand side.  At the time of transferring I chose some people not to feature on the new blog.  I decided not to add Inspector Gadget as I find his blog has decended into a right wing, totalatarian tabolid (not dissimilar to the Daily Mail).  Also, NHS Blog Doctor has gone for similar reasons to Inspector Gadget.  A few have also been dropped because they, sadly, no longer seem to post.  Hopefully we will see them back some day.

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  1. I love the look of the new blog. Hopefully the new blog will be full of the same old great stuff!

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