Train Journey

This evening I suffered a train journey from Home City to Anytown. It was a nightmare (as late Friday evening train journeys usually are). There were a lot of drunks. Drunks of all types.

For the first part of the journey I was entertained by a drunk couple in their early 40s. They were actually quite funny and made good conversation (for drunks).

During the second part of the journey we were blessed with a group of violent and abusive drunks. All male and all over 30. They were loud, their language was horrible and they physically threatened the train conductor and other passengers (on approach to Anytown so as to avoid having to make their own way home from some random town en-route (this being the last train of the night)). We arrived at Anytown and were graced with the presence of the British Transport Police who arrested the ring leader (the one who also threatened train staff). Off to spend the weekend in the cells and face a sheriff at Anytown Sheriff Court on Monday morning (along with the other drunks rounded up over the weekend)