Captain Calamity to declare Shetland Independent

Professor Hector MacQueen writes on Scots Law News an interesting piece about Stuart Hill, the Shetland Independence Campaigner, who is also known by the name of Captain Calamity. In it Professor MacQueen writes about Mr Hill’s intention to declare Shetland a crown dependency (like the Isle of Man) as of 21 June 2o08.

Mr Hill claims that he will become the owner of Shetland and will rename the island Forvik. Mr Hill has written to HM the Queen offering to become Steward of Forvik.

Mr Hill says on his Website,Shetland Action, the following:

Forvik Island, or Forvik for short, recognises neither the British Government, nor the European Union as its superior. Because of Shetland’s unique history, there can have been no legal basis for Shetland to have been involved with either. It recognises Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

He goes on once again to explain his belief that Shetland does not belong to Scotland and thus neither Alex Salmond nor Gordon Brown have any input as to what happens on the Island.

It shall be interesting to see how this develops.