Luke Mitchell v Her Majesty’s Advocate

It’s taken me a couple of days to get round to blogging on this case.

Luke Mitchell was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Jodi Jones, at the High Court of Justiciary sitting in Edinburgh in January 2005. During February 2008 the Court of Criminal Appeal heard an appeal against his conviction and on Friday the court upheld his conviction for Murder.

Jodi’s body was found in woodland near Dalkeith, Edinburgh on 30 June 2003. She was to meet Luke Mitchell on the day she died and the path running through this woodland connected where the two lived. Jodi was age 14 at the time she was murdered and Mitchell was just under 15.

Luke Mitchell was sentenced to Life and ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years. He is appealing his sentence, but a hearing has yet to be scheduled for this appeal.

You can see the Lord Justice General, Lord Hamilton, delivering a summary of the courts judgement here

The opinion of the court can be read, in full, here (Lord Hamilton’s summary above is included at the start)