Déjà vu?

The English Justice System has proven once again just how much of a joke it is. I refer to the case of the shooting of Magda Pniewska. Today one Teenager has been found guilty of her Murder. I was stunned at what the BBC Six O’clock news reported.
According to the BBC News Website, the court was told it was not Gnango’s weapon which fired the fatal bullet but he was still responsible for the killing because he was involved in the gunfight.

The 6 O’clock News said that charges against the other teenager were not brought due to insufficient evidence – despite ballistic evidence apparently demonstrating that it was from his gun that the fatal shot was fired.

Is it just me or does this whole case makes no sense what so ever? Gnango was by no means an innocent party, he was quite rightly also convicted of Attempted Murder and possessing a gun to endanger life.

If the Law does allow for this then it MUST be changed and fast. It is not justice to have anyone found guilty for a Murder in which they did not fire the fatal shot. I was under the impression that such convictions were not possible following the passing of the Homicide Act 1957 – all I can say is thank god we don’t have the Death Penalty in this country anymore, otherwise we might have had another Derek Bentley (he too was guilty of other crimes, but was found guilty a murder in which another individual fired the fatal shot) in the so called English Justice System.