Exam Update

Okay, so a little update on how the Exams are going. I have sat three out of my four Exams (final one is on the 15th May).

So far it has been okay, with one major disaster. My first exam was okay, not the best paper that there ever was, but I knew enough to at least have scraped a pass grade. I got an ‘A’ in the coursework, which should help to pull the exam mark up to an average grade!

The Second exam was a disaster; it was the worst case scenario. Every single topic that I had not revised made up the exam paper, while not a single topic that I had learned was there! So, that’s one for August!

Today’s exam was Human Rights, one which I was quite worried about (see here). However, it turned out to be the best paper to date. I was presented with five questions, of which I had to answer three. I had covered every single area in detail that was in the exam and was, for once, spoiled for choice as to what I chose to answer! I’m fairly confident that I’ll do well in this exam!

The final one is Administrative Law, which is very boring and also has a lot to cover. I’m betting that Judicial Review will be in the exam in some form (it did take up almost half of the lecture time and two tutorials). Not started revising for that yet, and nor do I intend to today: the sun is shining and has been all week and I’ve not had a chance to enjoy any of it, so that’s what I’m off to do!