Exam Nerves

Well, the Exam diet at Anytown University starts tomorrow. I have a day of grace as my first Exam isn’t until Tuesday. This is going to be a busy week with three of my four exams during the first week of the diet.

I have Commercial Law on 6th May, Marketing on 7th May (one of the silly module that I must pass, but wont matter very much once I pass it – I put up with them as it gives me an extra degree with only an extra year spent a university), Human Rights on 9th May and finally Administrative Law on 15th May.

I must say I am looking forward to 12noon on 15 May 2008 when I will be handing in my last exam paper of this diet. It will also signal the end of the second year of my degree. Nearly half way through, that is a scary prospect!

Anyway, I must get on with trying to master the complexities of “Commercial Paper”, “Partnership” and “Intellectual Property” for Tuesday.