Another weekend from hell

All names in this entry have been changed to protect the guilty.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting very pissed off at work. Generally one of the Fresh Managers, who is often on shift for Fresh on his own on a Sunday Afternoon/Evening (last night was no different) is useless and doesn’t have a clue about how to manage.

The Staff walk over him which has a huge negative impact on the way his shifts run. He always comes up with solutions to problems that are confusing and complex or when you suggest something to solve the problem he says it can’t be done then suggest what you have in a slightly different wording.

Also, it is almost impossible to get the tools to do my job, despite us being promised a year ago (company-wide) that by November 2007 we would have the tools to do our jobs. When you can get the tools they don’t work.

Other colleagues are lazy and take every opportunity to do as little work as possible (and that is not difficult on a Sunday), which means I have to do more work and management in general are failing to solve this problem effectively (well the department management do, but what they do has no impact on their productivity when the management are not there). So, yesterday I snapped about 90 minutes before the end of my shift and wrote my notice on a piece of paper from the printer at work and handed it to this useless manager.

At first he thought I was joking and then he realised I was deadly serious and was worried looking. He then gave me a “one to one” (which lasted all of three minutes) on the shop floor and where all he spoke about was the global credit crunch! He took my notice from me and said that I needed to have a “one to one” with Frazer (my manager). I asked him to pass my letter of resignation onto Frazer (which is the standard procedure if a person hands their resignation in when their own manager is not there) and he said he would. He pinned it to the Produce notice board for all to see!

Another manager spotted this (a manager I get on with quite well) and as he passed asked me if I was alright. I told him I’d handed my resignation to Gavin (the useless manager) and he said he knew. I replied with “so he told you then” and Grant (the nice manager) said “no, he’s pinned it to the notice board, I noticed it as I passed to go to the Cash Office”. He then phoned Gavin to the produce warehouse and we discussed it.

Gavin was asked to explain why I had resigned (and he couldn’t – partly because he didn’t ask in enough detail) and tell Grant how he had dealt with it. Gavin responded that it was okay and that it was sorted. Grant then lost it (before he phoned Gavin we had a chat so he knew I was still utterly pissed off and was still waning to resign).

Grant then handed Gavin my resignation letter and asked why it had been pinned to a notice board. Gavin responded with some crap about his own communication system that he had with his department and Grant went through him again. Grant told him that this was a highly confidential piece of paper that should only have gone straight into the hands of Frazer. Gavin agreed that it was to go to Frazer, which is why it was pinned to the notice board. Grant responded, again angrily, with how I had given it to Gavin as he was the duty manager and Gavin should have put it in an envelope and straight into Frazer’s pigeonhole and that it being pinned to a notice board was like Grant taking Gavin’s payslip, opening it up and pinning it to the notice board and how much Gavin wouldn’t have liked that.

He then went on about how Gavin was going to let an excellent member of staff hand in his resignation and walk out the building feeling shitty. Once Grant had finished giving Gavin a bollocking Grant and I had another chat.  Grant gave me my notice back and told me to think about it, I’d done it in haste and he was not going to let me resign until I’d thought about my Bs and Cs (Benefits of Staying and Concerns about staying). He told me my name had been passed to the boss (store manager) and he Personnel manager as part of the scheme where management identify potential candidates for development and that a number of other managers had suggested me (some have also said to me in person that I should go or it). By this time it was the end of my shift. He said he would speak to Frazer about it and make sure that Frazer spoke to me on Friday (when I’m next at work) and he’d come and have a chat with me as well.

I have decided not to resign.

On better things I was elected as president of the debating society at university this evening with over three quarters of the vote (with there only being one other candidate standing).